Anthony Blair
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6 May, 1953[1]

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  • Prime Minister[2]
  • Deputy Leader of the Democrats[1]
  • Chancellor of St Andrew's University[1]

The Right Honourable Anthony Charles Lynton Blair[1] (b.6 May, 1953[1]) was the Prime Minister of Britain and the Leader of the Labour Party beginning in early 1997[1][2].


Early careerEdit

Blair had been trying for a very long time indeed before he finally won the election campaign[2]. On the very night of his winning, as he stood savouring his triumph in the recent elections, he was introduced to Cornelius Fudge, the Minister for Magic at the time[2]. Fudge explained about the secretive wizard wizarding world, turned a teacup into a gerbil and then assured him that it was extremely unlikely they would meet again[2].

Later careerEdit

Blair then had a great number of people try to take down the enchanted portrait that announced the arrival of the newcoming Minister, but being unable to do so, he simply settled for pretending it wasn't real[2]. Blair gave the gerbil to his niece and henceforth proceeded as though Fudge had merely been a delusion caused by the stress of the election[2].

It was thus to his disappointment and frustration that the two met again three times in the following three years: once with the escape of Sirius Black from Azkaban Prison, then with the importation of a number of exotic creatures for the Triwizard Tournament, and then finally with the return of Lord Voldemort and Fudge's resignation and replacement by Rufus Scrimgeour[2].

Personality and traitsEdit

Blair liked to appear well-informed, collected and knowledgeable, and had a very good memory, recalling details of the shortest of conversations from years prior in an attempt to appear well-informed[2]. He was also a strict disbeliever in anything magical or surreal, and as a consequence tried to force himself into believing that Cornelius Fudge was a delusion caused by stress, and had to grip his desk for support upon learning that wizards were real[2].

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In real life, Tony Blair was leader from 1997 to 2007 and thus in the canonical world, Blair started just shy of a year early.


Notes and referencesEdit

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