Pottermore is a website started by J. K. Rowling in April of 2012, as an extended reading experience[1]. It provides illustrations depicting various moments from within each chapter of every book, as well as exclusive new writing from the author herself[1]. It also gives readers the opportunity to cast spells, brew potions and experience the Sorting Ceremony and the wand-selection process first-hand[1].

As of December 2013, the whole first three books were available for viewing, along with the first eleven chapters of book four. On 26 January, 2014, the Pottermore team will be presenting at a convention in Orlando, displaying artwork from the second and final instalment of book four, as well as reading a biography of an anonymous "colourful" character and drawing creatures from book five. A definitive release date for the next batch of chapters from book four has yet to be announced.

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