Homenum Revelio
Homenum Revelio

Homenum Revelio[1]
(HAH-min-uhm ruh VAY-lee-oh)[2]



Hand Movement





Reveals human presence[1]

"That was a spell to reveal human presence, and there's nobody here except us!"
Hermione Granger[src]

Homenum Revelio[1], alternatively spelled Hominem Revelio[2] was the incantation of a charm that could be used to reveal human presence in the vicinity of the caster[1].

When the spell is cast, anyone near to the caster will feel a strange sensation, as though something were swooping low over him or her, immersing them in its shadow[4]. If there is nobody nearby to the caster, then nothing will happen whatsoever[1]; the caster, however, will immediately be warned in either circumstance[1][4].


Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the film, Travers does not use this spell; rather, four or five Death Eaters encircle the house and fly through it, causing it to collapse, and then the trio disapparate[3].


Notes and referencesEdit

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