Hog's Head
Location information

Hogsmeade, Banff, Scotland[1]


Aberforth Dumbledore[1]

Permanent residents

Aberforth Dumbledore[1]

The Hog's Head was a bar and inn operated by Aberforth Dumbledore, a zoophilic[2] and illiterate[3] old wizard who kept the place in a state of constant disrepair[1]. It had a heavy infestation of bed bugs[4], cockroaches and mice[5] and as such it should hardly be surprising that the place is so cheap[6].


Physical appearanceEdit

The bar was dusty and grimy[1] and infested with both mice and cockroaches[5]. The floor was coated in so thick a layer of dust and dirt that the concrete floor was unnoticed by most patrons[1]. The windows were coated in a layer of grime that stopped all light from entering, and as a consequence the pub was lit by the stubs of candles placed on the table-tops[1]. Students were permitted to enter the pub despite the state of its disrepair, but former patrons advised everyone who asked to bring their own glasses[1]. The place was relatively cheap, but given its filth and the fact that it was heavily infested with bed bugs[4], this should hardly be surprising.


Notes and referencesEdit

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