Hermione Jean Granger
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19 September[1], 1979[2]

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5 ft, 5 in[3]

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Magical characteristics

Vine[7] and dragon heartstring[8]



  • Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures[10]
  • Department of Magical Law Enforcement[10]


Hermione Jean Granger[12][13] (her-MY-oh-knee GRAYN-jer)[14](b. 19 September[1], 1979[2]) was a British Muggle-born witch[4], the only daughter of two professional dentists, who picked a very unusual name for her to prove their own cleverness[14]. Hermione was the best friend of Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley throughout their entire school career, remembered for her eccentric academic brilliance[4].


Later lifeEdit

Hermione eventually married Ronald Weasley, with whom she was less than content; the two occasionally had to have very serious marriage counselling[15]. At times, Hermione wondered if she would not have been better off with Harry after all[15], and it was perhaps this that made her keep her maiden name after marriage[13]. Despite this, she and Ron had two children, Rose and Hugo, whom they both loved very dearly[5].


Ronald WeasleyEdit

In their youth, Hermione found Ron rather attractive, but as time passed, she matured[15]. She married Ron mostly out of wish fulfillment, chiefly because she had once wanted to marry him and didn't want things to change[15]. However, they fought often and fought terribly, and sometimes the combative aspect of their arguments became too strong[15]. They regularly attended marriage counselling, with Ron trying to work on his self-esteem and Hermione on her controlling nature[15]. Although they ended up being fine, Hermione would always prefer Harry as a mate and Ron as a mere friend[15].

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Hermione would see the trio alive and unscathed, Voldemort defeated and herself hugging "a certain someone" if she'd ever looked in the Mirror of Erised[14].
  • J. K. Rowling saw Hermione as being one of the most vulnerable characters, with a many weaknesses through her academically brilliant personality[14].
  • Hermione's parents planned for her to have a younger sister, but this never happened[14].


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