Garrick Ollivander
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25 September[1], 1918[2]

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Magical characteristics

Hornbeam and dragon heartstring, twelve and three-quarter inches, slightly bendy[1]



Mr Garrick Ollivander (b. 25 September[1], 1918[2]) was a half-blood wizard and a maker of wands[1].


Early lifeEdit

Garrick Ollivander was born to the famed wandmaker Gervaise Ollivander, and even before he turned eleven he had already been immersed in his father's trade[1].

Upon his twelfth birthday, Garrick was invited into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Ravenclaw house[1].


Upon graduating, Garrick married and had two children: a son and a daughter[1]. He took up the family's business, which he revolutionised with his purist ideas by making wands of only three cores: phoenix feather, dragon heartstring and unicorn hair[1]. Although at first his ideas were scorned and his methods resisted, it soon became evident that he was the finest wandmaker ever, and witches and wizards came from all over the world to buy his wands[1].

Later lifeEdit

By the late twentieth century[3], his wife and children had died, leaving him alone with his wand-shop[1]. This, however, suited him; his profession was his obsession[1].

Personality and traitsEdit

Garrick was an obsessive individual, and his entire life revolved around wandcraft[1]. Even before he began his schooling at Hogwarts, he had been immersed in the world of wandcraft, and upon graduation he dedicated his life to making, selling, and improving wands[1].


Notes and referencesEdit

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