Felix Felicis
Potion information

Increases drinker's luck[1]

Side effects
  • Molten gold[1]
  • Droplets splash merrily about[1]
Difficulty level


Felix Felicis, known also as Liquid Luck, was a potion that could be used to grant the drinker the best of luck; anything they attempted would go right, and an ordinary day could become extraordinary by drinking it.


Felix Felicis is the colour of molten gold and is constantly moving, little droplets splashing merrily about like goldfish[1]


Once drunk, an exhilarating sense of opportunity flowed through the drinker, making any objective they had seem positively easy and guaranteeing them luck[2]. They are guided by irrational, irrevocable urges that might not make sense to others; the potion illuminates a few steps forward in the path of the drinker's life, and while they can choose to ignore the urges the potion produces in them, they have little reason to do so, being brimful of confidence and elation[2]. They still retain normal thinking processes, however, and can act rationally even if the potion demands irrational action[2].

Known drinkersEdit

  • Harry Potter: Won in a Potions class[1], Harry drank this in April 1997 in order to attain a memory from Horace Slughorn[2].
  • Horace Slughorn: Slughorn thrice drunk this potion, firstly when he was twenty-four, secondly when he was fifty-seven (two tablespoons each)[1] and later downed a small bottle right before the Battle of Hogwarts[3].


Notes and referencesEdit

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