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Dot (b. 1917[1]) was a Muggle woman and a resident of Little Hangleton[1]. She was among those who frequented the Hanged Man, the village pub, and gossiped about the murders of the Riddle family[1].


Early lifeEdit

Dot was born in Little Hangleton in 1917 and had known Franklin Bryce since they were children[1]. She seemed not to have fond memories of him, stating that he had a horrible temper and backing up her statement with childhood recollections[1].

Riddle murdersEdit

By August of 1944, Dot was still living in Little Hangleton and frequented the village pub, the Hanged Man[1]. One night in that time, the Riddle family were found dead in their drawing room and the entire village turned up to discuss the murders, drink and gossip[1]. When the cook turned up and announced that Frank Bryce had been arrested, Dot stated that Frank had had a horrible temper and that she wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him, and began reminiscing about things that had happened in their youth[1].


Notes and referencesEdit

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